Sunday, February 20, 2011

Okay, so I admit I'm the one person in the US who has never seen an episode of the West Wing.  I came across this video though and had to post it on the blog because it was just that good:

As someone who spent my entire life feeling like something was horribly wrong with me because of what I was taught about the Bible, I find this kind of mainstream, religion-based rejection of homophobia/biphobia to be incredibly refreshing (however incomplete it may be).  To read the article that led me to this hilarious verbal beatdown, click here: Anti-gay Biblical Interpretation is a Choice, too and here: Bible Abuse Directed at Homosexuals (St. John's MCC).

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Global LGBT Equality: Going All Out

Please watch and feel free to pass this along:

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with but I really liked this video.  It's been around since last November, but it just got emailed to me today in light of the halted deportation of Brenda Namigadde from the UK.

Update on Mental Health Story

My response from Color of Change:

Natasha, Feb-03 11:54 am (PST):
Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your note. We sincerely apologize for our careless characterization of people with mental illnesses. You're right -- we didn't intend to imply that all people with mental illnesses are dangerous or irresponsible.
The law in question provides that mental health professionals who believe their clients to be a danger to themselves or others can report names to the national background check database. It does NOT prohibit everyone diagnosed with a mental illness from owning a gun.
Natasha L. S...

I appreciated receiving this response as I have a lot of respect for those who take the time to write back.

Read the initial story here.

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